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Safety Awareness Presentation

A Fall From Height Story




26th July 2017



    I've no doubt whatsoever that the brain continues to function beyond what could be considered as the point of death. Thankfully, I was resuscitated but not before entering into that dream world.

10th July 2017


fall injuries


Fall Anniversary

Today marks the 21st anniversary of Gary's fall from height. 21 years ago, life changed for Gary and his family when he suffered a near fatal accident, falling from the roof of a building in Paisley.

As Gary looks back on that day, he has been reflecting on the years that followed; from the years of recovery, how it affected his family, living with his injuries and changing his career path.

21 years later, Gary has turned this negative event into something positive by focussing on the future and looking at his fall accident as a life experience, something that he focuses on in his behavioural safety awareness presentation.







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