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Safety Awareness Presentation

A Fall From Height Story




Read what people have said about Gary's Fall From Height Safety Awareness Presentation.


Gary – thanks for telling your story to our site team at St Andrews Square. It was a story that any of us would never want to tell and one that you should not have needed to tell. You told it straight and it reinforces how quickly and easily an accident can happen and how things are never the same again for anyone involved including family. Everyone who left that room was quiet and reflective - but I assure you your messages have us thinking and talking about how we can look after each other on site.

Mark Blundy, Group Health & Safety Director - Bowmer & Kirkland



Great presentation today mate. We get so many health and safety talks these days that they all become too much of the same thing but couldn't stop listening to your story today, even though I'm well aware of what happened, it's still shocking to listen to your recollection of that day. Certainly made me think about things I do at work that can be changed. Good job mate.

Ross Kelly - BHC Ltd



Hi Gary, Sorry to trouble you, but I wanted to thank you for the talk you made to CIIU project this morning at the Inchyra Hotel. David Carroll passed on your e-mail address – I hope that was OK. It was incredibly brave of you not only to have come through the recovery and rehabilitation process that you have, but to share your experience with everyone there today. That’s a very courageous thing to do. It’s certainly a presentation that will stay with me.

It was particularly poignant, as the anniversary has just passed, of a head injury I sustained following a fall 3 years ago, when I slipped on ice (no drink involved!) during the Christmas period. It was clearly nothing on the scale of injuries you sustained in 1996, but the graphic detail of your presentation took me back to the accident.

I was fortunate enough to be back at work within 10 weeks, but I was in no way prepared for the effects that trauma has on your body and how you have to adapt (albeit temporarily in my case). Apart from a cut to the head (which was in my hair) – nothing about my accident was visible and I remember being incredibly embarrassed by many of the symptoms I was experiencing (including my speech being quite affected for some time) and tried to hide them from family and medical staff. My priority was to get out of hospital to be back home with my daughter and I felt incredibly guilty in being unable to do that at the time. The whole experience was terrifying – not least because it’s a stark reminder of your own mortality. Your incredible story will resonate with every audience I’m sure. Best wishes to you and your family for a very Happy and Healthy 2014.

Ruth Rennie – Electrical Project Engineer, BP CIIU Project



I would like to share with you my heartfelt feelings and express the effect you had on me when delivering your safety talk. It’s true what they say; “never judge a book by its cover”, as I did with you before this talk.

The presentation given by you was hard hitting but amazingly done, I never knew your background before the talk. I sat with my fellow workers and I’m not embarrassed to say, I choked back tears. The talk had me well and truly switched on making me think about safety with a whole new perspective.
Once the talk was over, I wanted to speak to you face to face but found it very hard to hold myself together. I cannot explain just how much the presentation hit home, I told my family about it that night and found it very hard to explain without those emotions I felt directly after the talk.

Stevie Ure – DSL Senior Scaffolding Supervisor



I cannot thank you enough for telling your story yesterday, it really went down well with the BP team. Many people have come to me to say how touched they were by your story and that they were fighting back the tears listening to you. Many people have also said how different it was to have a speaker like yourself and what you did yesterday really did get them thinking about why it is important to stay safe, so well done.

I know this wasn’t easy for you but you really should be proud of what you did yesterday, it takes a lot of courage. I am sure I send this message on behalf of everyone who was present yesterday, a sincere thank you and well done. Speak soon, and all the best to you and your family for the year ahead.

David Carroll – HSSE Lead, BP CIIU Project, Grangemouth



I just wanted to express my thanks to Gary and DSL for the presentation given by Gary at the GCSA yesterday. I thought the presentation was excellent and delivered with passion and professionalism by Gary. I can’t begin to imagine how Gary feels when he has to re-live those events but I admire his bravery in wanting to tell his story so that others may be spared the pain and suffering that Gary and his family went through.

Duncan Stark – HSE Manager, Ondeo Industrial Solutions Ltd



Hi Gary, Just to let you know the feedback from your presentation has been very positive.

Bill Price – CIIU Project



Many thanks Gary - can't be easy reliving your story in front of people - but thanks for stepping up and making a real difference.

Gordon Milne – Operations Director, INEOS Grangemouth



Just a note to say thank you for taking the time out to deliver your presentation at the 4 leadership sessions carried out over the past two days and for sharing your experience. We have had a lot of great feedback from your presentation and just wish to say thank you it was greatly appreciated.

Linda Davis – O&P HSE Advisor, INEOS Grangemouth



Many thanks for allowing Gary time away from his normal duties to deliver his story. Very poignant and if this doesn’t change behaviours then I’m afraid nothing will. Gary carried out two presentations, one to DSL and one to ExxonMobil.

The feedback already received is tremendous and all want to thank Gary for his time and to wish him all the very best for the future. Gary’s story will have a lasting effect I am sure and this was reflected in the silence in the room at the end of Gary’s story the impact of which was felt by all.

Goes without saying really that the story is so powerful it should be run throughout our business and down to shop floor level because that is in the main where behaviours need to change. Once again Gary, thanks very much for delivering your story which in doing so will make a difference.

Jim Sheridan – Site Manager, Deborah Services Ltd. FEP Mossmorran



Very often ‘safety’ is seen as dull and boring and just something that floats around to prevent people having a fun. I will admit that, until Tuesday, I thought the very same. It was then that safety took on a whole new meaning.

The presentation given by Gary was nothing less than amazing and that’s not a word I use lightly. However, as I sat there in a room full of men and choked back tears, I became aware that my opinion had changed. Safety and the assessing of potential hazards is no longer ‘uncool’ or ‘daft’ it simply makes sense.

I cannot explain just how much the presentation has changed my life, seriously. I told my friends and family about it. I told people I met in shops about it. I even wrote about it. Because of Gary I will no longer trust my life, or anyone else’s to fate, we are all worth more than that.

Lynn Tulloch – Administrator, Major Projects, Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK



Hi Gary, I would just like to send my heartfelt wishes to you and commend your bravery for the delivery of the Safety Awareness Talk today. It is by far the most captivating and sad safety awareness talk I’ve ever sat through and the whole room hung on your every word. I think anybody who cares about safety could see all the pitfalls but sod’s law still happens and they are called accidents. I would like to thank you for sharing your story with me, and wish you and your family all the good luck in the world.

Richard W Reeve – Project Engineer, Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK







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